Initial Release of the “unfoved” ressource pack

During the last five years I created a custom texture every once in a while for specific builds I worked on at that time. Always having on my mind that one day I might create a whole texture pack.

So a while ago I was working on a few quartz textures and ended up looking through some of my old stuff. And finally I thought why not release some of it even if it’s not a complete pack. It might be of interest for some people. So here it is.

Currently I am working on new textures. So the pack will grow, but it will grow slowly. For now the pack is rather thought to be used as an overlay for other packs.

Important information:
Please note that the pack was made for MC 1.7.10. To fully enjoy the CTM-textures you need to install Optifine (recommended) or MCPatcher to see connected textures. Please view their pages for informations/downloads/bug reports.

Specular & normal maps were optimized for SEUS V10.1.

A sample world with all meta data and biomes is in the zip-file included.


  • install Optifine/MCPatcher
  • Place the unfoved-Pack into your Ressource Pack folder
    1) On a windows System navigate to the following folder:
        or press WIN + R and enter %appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\ressourcepacks
    2) drop the Zip-File into the folder
  • Start Minecraft, select the pack and enjoy.

Using Metadatas and Biomes:
To use the Metadata-Textures and Biomes you will need an additional Mod/plugin like WorldEdit and/or MetaCycler

Last hints and tipps:
The pack is currently at an very early stage of development and thus provides very few blocks. It is therefore currently more of an overlay for other texturepacks than a standalone-pack.

Still I hope you guys enjoy. Feedbeack and constructive critics are always welcome.

If you like this pack – please head on over to PLANETMINECRAFT and diamond, favorite or/and subscribe! Thank you!

Download the Ressource Pack HERE!

Terms of use:

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No-Derivatives 4.0 International License.


Much love goes to Monsterfish and his fantastic Conquest ressource pack. The pack offers such an enormous variety of blocks and possibilities that it became a favorite the second i layed my hands on it for the very first time.

Also credits to Ravand who developed the MetaCycler-Plugin which made the use of Metadatas as easy and comfortable as never before. I wouldn’t want to miss this tool anymore.

Last but not least Credits to Misa who created my very first used and long time favorite ressourcepack. I still love it nowadays for its clean and beautiful textures.

Credit: Monsterfish, Ravand, Misa
Progress: 5% Complete
Game Version: Minecraft 1.7.10
Resolution: 128×128