It's time for
more realism | more colors | more diversity | u n f o v e d

The Minecraft ressource pack unfoved comes in 128" resolution and aims to deliver
semi-realistic textures in a wide variety to you.

Have a look at the upcoming blocks of the next update

What's next?

(click on the images to preview ingame screenshots of the block )

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Minecraft 1.7.10 (v0.6)

perfect if you want to have additional blocks through Meta Data (not available in MC 1.8 or above)
  • . heavy use of Meta Data
  • . spare use of specular & normal maps
  • . priorized development of this version

(W.I.P.) Minecraft 1.12

perfect if you want to be up to date with the latest Mojang MC release
  • . does not support all new blocks of this MC version yet
  • . misses some block opportunities you will find in the 1.7.10-version (through Meta Data)
Statistics anyone?
Vanilla blocks
Additional blocks
15 %
Level of completion
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